In 2013 I started (drips) coffee shop to bring people together. I originally used the money I made from selling my art as the investment money. 2 years ago, I began transitioning the business to North Omaha. It was a great opportunity for (drips) to grow, and everything about it felt right. The end of 2019, and the beginning of 2020 were shaping up for the business to start becoming more profitable, and be able to hire/pay employees through providing a safe space for a plethora of diverse events.

At the very end of 2019, as we were getting ready to have a big NYE event, the space flooded and we were forced to move the event somewhere else. In the cleaning of the flood mess, it was discovered that through the years of neglect, the building was full of mold. the plumbing was also in rough shape, which is why we flooded. With my friends, we were able to clean up the space, and bleach out all of the mold that we could see.

On March 16, I decided to temporarily close the doors in order to flatten the curve Covid-19. A bit over 2 month ago, I was emailed by the landlord stating that even if C19 restrictions were lifted, that I can not reopen until they had the mold issue taken care of. While I have been closed nothing has been done to take care of these issues. On what was supposed to be our 7 year anniversary, I was told that I should find another place for (drips) to be.

During the closure to keep the business alive, and keep money coming in, I have been slinging bags of coffee in the parking lots of places I support. I have been able to keep a bit of income coming in, but have used up the money it would take in order to rent a new suitable location, along with having that space brought up to health code.

At the beginning of summer solstice 2020, I announced that (drips) is transitioning with an urge to reconnect people to nature by creating immersive, plant and moss filled terrariums, installations, and creative plantings. Since day one, I have worked to develop roots with people by creating an inclusive space, and sharing our mutual love through coffee, art, and music. As we move forward, I hope to continue growing our established human roots through our now developing plant roots.

It is a botanical creative space, filled with all things green. We strive to be stewards of the earth and nurture people as they find their connection with nature.

The products (drips) carries are; houseplants, plant accessories including handmade pottery, plant stands, soil, terrariums, crystals, herbs, teas, coffee(beans), ritual tools, and other lifestyle items for the earth/plant spirited.

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